High performance, Compact, Low cost Modular 3D Confocal Raman
Modular 3D Laser Raman Microspectroscopy System Nanofinder FLEX

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Modular 3D Laser Raman Microspectroscopy System Nanofinder FLEX Modular 3D Laser Raman Microspectroscopy System Nanofinder FLEX


Nanofinder®FLEX is fiber type confocal Raman microspectroscopy system with high sensitivity, high 3D-spatial resolution. This system allows users to take Raman mapping images with sub-micrometer resolution within short time. Each module (excitation laser, Raman optical unit, spectrometer) are coupled with optical fibers that make system layout flexible and compact. Typically the system comes with an up-right microscope. Piezo-stage or (and) step-motor scanners are available for fast sample mapping/positioning.

“Line Scan option” – Safe measurement for sensitive samples

・Focusing laser beam in line to decrease power density and prevent sample damage.
・Simultaneous collection of Raman spectra from many points along the laser line.
・Easy switching between traditional Point Scan and innovative Line Scan modes with integrated slider.
※Available for:Nanofinder®FLEX2 ・Nanofinder®FLEX(soon)

Application example: Li-Ion batteries

Raman intensity image of LiCoO2 (red ) and
Carbon (blue) distribution in X-Y plane

LiCoO2 and Carbon spectra , averaged (1x1µm)

    Raman intensity image of LiCoO2 (red) and Carbon (blue ) distribution in X-Z plane

Laser power on sample: 1.7 mW
Number of spectra: ~21,000
Mapping time: ~20 min

Sample courtesy of Kanamura Laboratory,
Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences,
Tokyo Metropolitan University.

“Large Area Scan option” – Fast mapping of big samples

・Raman mapping with step motor stage of millimeter, centimeter or even larger scanning area.
・Fast scan by synchronized constant speed sample movement and data collection.
・Easy switching between point scan and fast scan.
・Combinable with “Line Scan” option.
※Stepping motor stage is required for this scan option.

Application example 1: Large test grid

Size: 27.5 mm X 3.85 mm
Number of spectra: 218,827 (2,751x77)
Mapping time: ~25 min  (~7.2 ms/point)

Application example 2: Pharmaceutical tablet

Raman intensity Image of
Aspirin (blue) and Paracetamol (red)

Aspirin and Paracetamol spectra,
40xNA0.6, exposure 1 min

Size: 7.75 mm X 7.75 mm
Number of spectra: 24,025 (155x155)
Mapping time: 50 min (~125 ms/point)

System configuration Upright microscope
Raman optical unit
Imaging spectrometer
Cooled CCD detector
Piezo stage (XYZ)
Excitation laser
Controller/software/23 inch LCD
Spatial resolution XY <300 nm, Z <900 nm
Sensitivity High sensitivity measurement of 4th-order Si Raman peak within 1 min/point(488 nm/5 mW)

Each unit specification

Raman optical unit One excitation laser is available(Unit exchange depending on lasers)
FC connector coupling between spectrometer and laser

Imaging spectrometer MS3504i

Coupling fiber SUS sleeve Φ10×60 mm
Focal length 35 cm, F/3.8
Reciprocal linear dispersion 2.37 nm/mm@1200 G/mm
Wavelength resolution 0.06 nm@550 nm, 1200 G/mm
Wavenumber resolution 2 cm-1@550 nm, 1200 G/mm
Maximum gratings 4

Cooled CCD detector (DU401A-BV, DU401A-BRDD)

Elements 1024×127
Element size 26×26 μm2
Image area 26.6×3.3 mm
Maximum cooling temperature -100 ℃(water), -80 ℃(air)

Piezo stage (Closed loop)

X-Y-Z stroke 100 μm
Resolution 5 nm
Repetition accuracy ±5 nm
Built-in sensor capacitive sensor

Excitation laser

Common specification fiber output, FC connector coupling fiber length 2m
continuous variable power
DPSS laser Wavelength: 532 nm
Power : 25 mW (@fiber exit)
LD laser Wavelength:785 nm
Power : 40 mW(@fiber exit)
Others 473 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 633 nm, 671 nm etc.
Pulse laser(for FLIM) available
Control/analysis software :
Mapping control
Data acquisition/save
Display of Raman/fluorescence spectrum
Spectrometer calibration
2D/3D imaging, slice at arbitrary cross-section
Spectrum/image analysis
Spectral peak fitting
Installation space Microscope and Raman optical unit 600(W)×700(H)×850(D) mm
(Including spectrometer/CCD, piezo stage, controller)
Power consumption 1200 W, 100 V
Options cryostat, heating stage, electrochemical cell, TCSPC board, spectrum database etc.

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