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3D Laser Raman Microspectroscopy System Nanofinder HE

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3D Laser Raman Microspectroscopy System Nanofinder HE 3D Laser Raman Microspectroscopy System Nanofinder HE


Nanofinder®HE is a high end microspectroscopy system designed for combined Raman and AFM measurement. Not only confocal Raman measurements but also AFM-Raman/TERS measurements are available with AFM system combined. Switchable microscope configurations such as upright, inverted, transmission are available with a single AFM at single measurement site. The system is equipped with build-in spectrum calibration source and automatical confocal alignment facilities.Up to 4 excitation lasers are available with fully automatical switching. Computer controlled optical path can be exchanged for UV, VIS or NIR spectral range.

“Large Area Scan option” – Fast mapping of big samples

・Raman mapping with step motor stage of millimeter, centimeter or even larger scanning area.
・Fast scan by synchronized constant speed sample movement and data collection.
・Easy switching between point scan and fast scan.
・Combinable with “Line Scan” option.
※Stepping motor stage is required for this scan option.


example 1: Large test grid

Size: 27.5 mm X 3.85 mm
Number of spectra: 218,827 (2,751x77)
Mapping time: ~25 min  (~7.2 ms/point)

example 2: Pharmaceutical tablet

Raman intensity Image of
Aspirin (blue) and Paracetamol (red)

Aspirin and Paracetamol spectra,
40xNA0.6, exposure 1 min

Size: 7.75 mm X 7.75 mm
Number of spectra: 24,025 (155x155)
Mapping time: 50 min (~125 ms/point)

Detailed specifications

System configuration

All-In-One device opto-mechanical unit, spectrometer, microscope, multilaser system and controller are integrated in a single case
Granite frame exclusive optical system stability
Multi-configuration microscope Up-right, Inverted, Transmission - reconfigurable Bright and Dark-field, Fluorescence observation modes; Microscope objective lens turret, TV-CCD camera
Scanner Piezo stage (X-Y-Z) or (X-Y) Stepping Motors or Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
Excitation Raman laser up to 3 built-in plus 1 external port
Spectrometer assembled on granite base plate, f=55 cm, 2 exit ports, 3 motorized gratings on exchangeable turret
Detector for VIS Raman cooled CCD or EMCCD, for NIR Raman or PL: InGaAs, for Fluorescence Lifetime: APD with TCSPC
Computer, LCD 2 monitors in AFM configuration
Software advanced Nanofinder software set

3D confocal Raman spectroscopy

Mapping range 100×100×20 μm with piezo-stage *Standard for AFM combined. Larger range stages up to 300×300×100 μm are also available.
Mapping speed <3 ms/point (full spectrum saving)*With EM CCD ADC 3 MHz.
Spatial resolution(typical)
Laser Wavelength (nm) 473 532 785
Objective lens 100×0.95(air) XY(nm) 200 220 500
Z(nm) 500 550 850
Objective lens 150×1.25(water) XY(nm) 180 200 -
Z(nm) 400 420 -

※For laser line : XY-edge responce 10~90 %, Z-surface responce FWHM

Raman shift measurement range
Laser Wavelength (nm) 473 532 785
Wavenumber range(cm-1)
with BR-DD CCD
<150~>4,000 <60~>4,000 <60~>3,000

※Low frequency Raman option (<10cm-1)available.
Detection channel optical path throughput correction option available.

Spectral resolution: spectral line FWHM
Grating (G/mm) 1800 75(Echelle)
Resolution(cm-1) 0.8 0.25
  • ※Under the following conditions
  • 1. At the CCD center.
  • 2. Central wavelength 550 nm.
  • 3. CCD pixel size 16×16 μm2
Spectral accuracy: within 1 pixel of CCD
Grating (G/mm) 1800 75(Echelle)
Accuracy(cm-1) 0.43 0.1
  • ※Under the following conditions
  • 1. Central wavelength 550 nm
  • 2. CCD pixel size 16×16 μm2
Standard built-in laser set (CW for Raman)
Laser wavelength(nm) 473 532 785 632.8
Power(mW) 20 50 80 32
Spatial mode TEM00
M2 < 1.1 < 1.2 < 1.1
Spectral line width(MHz) < 10 < 50 < 160
Polarization contrast >100:1


Optical scheme Czerny-Turner
Focal length 550 mm
Entrance slit 2 motorized crossed slits,independent control, width 0~2 mm
Exit ports 2
Motorized turret with 3 gratings
Grating choice 150, 300, 600, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3600 G/mm, Echelle(75 G/mm)
Grating (G/mm) 600 1800 75(Echelle)
Range on CCD nm 75.5 21.4 4.8
cm-1 2509 708 159
Dispersion nm/pixel 0.047 0.0134 0.0031
cm-1/pixel 1.55 0.44 0.1
  • ※ Under the following conditions
  • 1. Central wavelength 550 nm
  • 2. CCD pixel size 16×16μm2
  • 3. CCD width is 1600 pixel


Cooled CCD (EMCCD)detector (main)
Maximum cooling 100 ℃ (water)、 80 ℃ (air)
DU970P EMCCD High-end model with electron multiplying ability High speed 3MHz ADC.Recommended for high speed and high sensitivity measurement.
High speed 3MHz ADC.
Recommended for high speed measurement.
100kHz ADC. Low cost model


Model SmartSPM™1000+HE002 CombiScope™1000+HE001 CombiScope™1000+HE002
For combined operation with microscope Up-right Inverted Up-right
Change microscope objective between low and high magnification with revolver YES No Up-right:YES
Max. microscope objective NA for combined AFM-Raman operation 100×0.7 100×1.4 Oil 100×0.7(top)
100×1.4 Oil(bottom)
SPM head positioning(X×Y,mm) Manual12.7×12.7 Motorized1.6×1.6 mm
Motorized1.6×1.6 mm
Sample size(X×Y,mm) 40×50×15 Standard microscope slide and cover glasses Standard microscope slide and cover glasses
Sample positioning(X×Y,mm) Motorized5×5、Resolution1μm Manual、25×25 Manual、25×25
Scanning range(X×Y×Z,μm) 100×100×15 100×100×20 100×100×20
Scanner Resonance frequency (unloaded, Hz) XY:7000
Maximum scanning speed (line/sec.) 50 2 2
Registration system noise (nm) <0.1 <0.03 <0.1
Scanner noise (nm,rms) XY:<0.1(F.B.ON)
Operation in liquid No Yes (optional) No

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