Spectroscopy:Portable Raman

  • Equipped with high-performance cooled CCD detector (max. -60°C), high sensitivity, low noise, high S/N ratio
    Excitation wavelengths of 785nm & 532nm DUAL type, micro Raman option can be extended

    High-performance probe Raman spectrometer


    Enwave Optronics,Inc.

  • Low Cost, Enhanced-CCD or InGaAs

    Portable Raman Spectrometer, Laser, and probe

    • Demo


    Stellarnet Inc.

  • Atmospheric pressure multi-gas analysis (H2, N2, CO2, NO2, CH4, etc.), flow measurement available.
    High sensitivity, low noise, high S/N measurement with high performance cooled CCD detector.

    Probe Raman analyzer for gas analysis


    Enwave Optronics,Inc.