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Updated December 22, 2023

Applied Physics December 2023|Cathodoluminescence, low-temperature material property measurements

OPTRONICS December 2023|High-speed, high-sensitivity camera (UV to IR)

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, December 2023|Low-temperature material properties measurement, compact spectrometer with built-in detector

Surface and Vacuum December 2023|Miniature spectrometer with built-in detector, continuous-wave (CW) laser, high-speed, high-sensitivity camera (UV to IR)

Spectroscopic Research Vol. 72, No. 5|Lamp light sources (D2, Xe, Hg, HgXe, halogen, etc.), array detectors for spectroscopic measurements (CCD, EMCCD, ICCD, InGaAs), high-sensitivity high-performance spectrometers (including for Raman spectroscopy measurements), portable Raman spectrometers

Photochemistry Vol.54 No.3|Spectrometer accessories, microstats for microscopes, high-sensitivity high-performance spectrometers (including for Raman spectroscopy)

The 106th Annual Meeting of the Cryogenic Engineering and Superconductivity Society of Japan|Low Temperature Material Properties Measurement

27th Plasma and Fusion Conference|X-ray/electron beam (CCD, MCP, etc.)

The 34th Annual Meeting on Photophysical Properties|Nanosecond and picosecond lasers

34th Internal Combustion Engine Symposium| High-speed, high-sensitivity camera (UV to IR)

The 56th Safety Engineering Research and Presentation Meeting|Calorimeters, automated reaction and synthesis equipment

PDW2023|Photonic band diagram microscope

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