Aug. 1981 Founded with a capital of JPY3,000,000.
Aimed to import and sell opto-electronics related products
Oct. 1983 The capital was increased to JPY6,000,000.
Started to handle the experimental systems for opticalmeasurement at customer's request.
Conducted from designing to manufacturing and software development.
Jun. 1984 Purchased a plot of land for an assembly plant
Aug. 1984 The assembly plant was built for dealing with our customers' order.
Developed a variety of instruments from laser light sources for optical measuring experimental systems to detectors.
Various kinds of hardware/software for controlling.
Nov. 1984 The capital was increased to JPY9,000,000.
Mar. 1985 Moved to 6-18-14 Nishi-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo to expand the business.
Mar. 1988 The capital was increased to JPY15,000,000.
Jun. 1989 Osaka office was established.
Dec. 1989 The capital was increased to JPY30,300,000.
Jan. 1990 Our new office building was completed at the present site and the company moved in.
May. 1992 Started business with CIS
May. 1994 Established a joint venture, Solar TII Ltd.
Feb. 1996 Established a joint venture, Lotis TII Ltd.
Year of 1998 NEDO, JST and TAO entrusted us for research and development.
Oct. 1998 The capital was increased to JPY57,040,000.
July. 2002 Established a joint venture,Symphotic TII Corp.
Nov. 2002 The capital was increased to JPY99,000,000.
March/April. 2004 Nanofinder®30 wins Nanotech2004 Award (category: Evaluation and Measurement) and The Small And Medium Enterprise Promotion/16th Award.
Sept. 2006 Nanofinder®30 wins the Japanese Photochemistry Association Technology 2006 Award.
Sept. 2010 UNISOKU Co.,LTD made to be TII Group Company.
Sept. 2011 Established UNISOKU-TII Instruments Co.,LTD.
Dec. 2013 Awarded the Medal of Science and Technology by the Academy of Science and Technology.
Feb. 2014 Ranked 89th out of 500,000 in Nikkei Top Leader(issued February 2014) ranking of "stable and “profitable” small/medium-sized companies.
Sep. 2016 Awarded the Special prize of The 14th Courageous Management Awards.
Mar. 2017 Established a joint venture, SPECS-TII GmbH.