Innovative active vibration isolation table for maximum resolution
Table Top Active Vibration Isolation Systems

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ARIS TT Series ARIS TT Series


A lightweight and compact Table Top active vibration isolation systems that counteracts unwanted vibrations for sensitive equipment. The streamlined design allows it to seamlessly become part of the workstation environment, and its straighforward composition requires no follow-up tuning. Developed by engineers, physicists, and leading industry consultants with expertise in precision instruments, ARIS effectiveness at significantly reducing vibrations and disturbances marks it as a revolutionary and critical tool for laboratory use.

Key Features

  • Small Size, elegant design, low weight
  • 6 degree of freedom
  • MVIS-Multilayer Vibration Isolation Structure
  • Active gain starting from 0.5Hz
  • Built-in real time oscilloscope
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer
  • Real time control
  • Remote access
  • Linear motor for lightweight and long actuator stroke
  • Custom dimensions and special attachments available upon request
  • Counteracts unwanted vibrations for sensitive equipment
  • Significantly reduces vibrations and disturbances
  • Seamlessly integrates into the workstation environment
  • Requires no follow-up tuning

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