Greeting from President


TII Group is spreading out globally.
Keeping up with "No Growing, No Future".

It has been 7 years since Tokyo Instruments (TII) and UNISOKU formed TII Group.

TII Group, Tokyo Instruments, Inc. (TII) and UNISOKU Co., Ltd. has been greatly contributing to the advancement of cutting-edge science technology, striving to be the leading companies in Japan as "No.1 in Nano-Technology measurement and Photonics".

TII and UNISOKU were pursuing growth separately, but we were experiencing slow sales due to the two lost decades of Japan's economic stagnation. TII worked on reinforcement of the financial structure, resulting in ranking 89th out of 500,000 small-to-medium-sized companies, in profitability and stability. Meanwhile, UNISOKU was chosen as one of “Global Niche Top 100 Companies” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in March 2014, and is gaining popularity from the whole world.

Similarities Between TII and UNISOKU

  • Running Business in the Cutting-Edge Science and Technology Fields
    Targeting universities, research institutes and private companies
  • Strength in Nano-technology
    Aiming "No.1 in the field of Nano-Technology Measurements"
  • Research and Development enterprise
    Working on industry-university projects
  • Good company draws in good human resources.
  • Active in the Niche Markets
    BTO (build to order), less competition, not easily influenced by the economy.

Synergy Effect (TII & UNISOKU)

1. Sales Network

  • TII sells its main products and opto-electronics products abroad by making good use of UNISOKU's foreign sales channel.
  • UNISOKU is developing globally, especially in China. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry chose UNISOKU as one of the "Global Niche Top 100 Companies"
  • Establishment of UNISOKU-TII Office in Beijing
    Offering prompt technical advice and sales supports, we have strengthened customer reliance in China.
    Making effort in improvement of service.
  • Commonization of exhibition, web sites and catalogues.

2. Balanced Weight of Sales and Technology

  • UNISOKU and TII take advantages and learn techniques from each other to improve software and hardware.
  • Making good use of both companies’ technical strengths for development of new products (TERS, STM).
  • TII and UNISOKU complement each other.
    UNISOKU is strong in technology.
    TII is strong in sales strategies.

3. Customer Service and After Care

  • We have always made, and will make our best efforts to reach customer satisfaction.
  • Quick response and flexibility

4. New Products

  • We are working together in product development, placing importance in partnership between industry and academy.

Merits of Scale Expansion

  • Spreading out globally
    Foreign market and joint ventures.
  • Stabilization of management. Laying second and third foundation of products.
  • Increasing customers, reliance and satisfaction is reinforced.
  • Increased sales and share have brought up our brand image.
  • TII Group is well balanced in total, not depending on Japanese Yen rate or foreign currency.
  • Constitution of Growth Strategy. Aiming to be a first-rate company.
  • Prompt decision and quick action
  • Construction of new workshop has contributed to the improvement of product quality. Making work-order and quality-check sheets.
  • People from 5 countries are working in TII Group within Japan, and sharing corporation cultures.
Tokyo Instruments, Inc.CEO Shoji Suruga