Corporate PhilosophyPhilosophy/Research and Development

In Pursuit of the Most Advanced Technology in Spectroscopy-Analysis-and Optical Nanoscience.

Customer Approach Model

Customer Based Partneship Relation


Company Philosophy

We endeavor to contribute to scientific and technological innovation.
We strive to be the industry leader in the field of nanotechnology measurements.

Technical proposal on Spectroscopy,Analytical Instruments and Opto-Nanotechnology

Our strengths

  • We have over thirty-four years of experience and accumulated knowledge of spectroscopy and laser instruments.
  • We are staffed by talented and knowledgeable people, including 6 PhDs and 11 Master’s degrees.
  • We offer the latest award-winning technologies: winners of the 2004 Nanotech Prize and the 16th Annual Small and Midsized Enterprise New Technology Award.

Core technologies

  • Customized “System” development for research laboratories.We are a first tier company experienced and knowledgeable inspectroscopy, laser systems, optical measurement systems, and related fields.Besides imported products, we have installed more than 100 delivery records of our in-house developed systems.We offer tools for research and development that exceed customer requirements
  • Industry-leading product development.
  • (3D Raman microscope)capable of simultaneous structure,
    property and chemical analysis with high spatial resolution of 30 nm under construction.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union

  • We have focused attention on Russian technologies that were new to the West.The hiring of Russian scientists and researchers has strengthenedour technology and product offerings.

Staff development

  • Our staff members are mainly hired as recent graduates from advanceddegree programs at universities known for technology. Our aim is toprovide our staff with training and educational opportunities toenhance their skills as customer satisfaction oriented professionals.In addition, our staff members who are from overseas are given educational opportunities to develop their appreciation of Japanese culture.