The new Achromatic wavelength plate which laminated the optical film
Ultrawideband polymer waveplate

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Achromatic (APAW) and Super-Achromatic (APSAW) True Zero-Order Waveplates are constructed using a stack of birefringent polymer plates cemented between two glass windows, each with a broadband antireflection coating. APAW consist of three polymer plates, APSAW-5 consist of five polymer plates, APSAW-7 consist of seven polymer plates that provide more wide spectral range of achromatization. Retardation of each polymer plate does not exceed λ/2 (180 °) in the zero order. Optical axes of all plates are oriented relative to one another in a specific way. This construction operates with a high degree of retardation accuracy over a broad wavelength range, ensures excellent transmitted wavefront quality, while minimizing beam deviation and surface reflection losses. The construction ensures clear acceptance > 90 ° at outer diameter from 15 to 60 mm. APAW and APSAW are true zero-order retarders indeed. They have better angular acceptance and less sensitivity to wavelength and temperature change than achromatic quartz-MgF2 waveplates. Optical transmittance of APSAW is not distorted by multibeam interference since each plate is produced of the same polymer material.

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