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Cathodoluminescence System Attolight CL

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Cathodoluminescence System Attolight CL Cathodoluminescence System Attolight CL


 The Attolight CL system is the first quantitative cathodoluminescence system offering a spatial resolution below 10 nm, a field of view of 300 μm, and an optional 10 ps time resolution mode.
Attolight CL combines a proprietary scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an integrated light microscope. The light microscope is embedded within the electron objective lens of the SEM so that their field of view match each other. Acquiring cathodoluminescence (CL) maps has never been easier : no optical alignment is required and the specimen is positioned thanks to the light microscope. The system is optimized to achieve superior CL performance without compromising the SEM performance. It offers an outstanding optical aperture (f/0.5), a constant and superior photon collection efficiency over the whole field of view, and a low electron beam energy range (3~10 kV) for enhanced resolution of CL maps.

Key Benefits

・Zero alignment : patented achromatic light microscope embedded in the column of a proprietary
 scanning electron microscope
・No compromise : up to 10 nm spatial resolution in both continuous and time-resolved mode from
 3 kV to 10 kV
・Specimen benchmarking : very large field of view (300 μm) enabling quantitative
・High light collection efficiency : numerical aperture of 0.71 (f/0,5)
・Arbitrary movements : innovative 6-degrees-of-freedom nano-positioning stage
  (down to 1 nm displacement increments)
・Optional innovative low vibration cryostat for temperature measurements between
 20K and 300K
・Optional Time-Resolved Cathodoluminescence (TRCL) mode : optimized for pulse operations up
  to 10 ps without any degradation of the spatial resolution. Enables lifetime and charge carrier
  dynamics measurements


・LED performance and reliability
・GaN power transistors
・Threading Dislocation Density (TDD)
・Carriers lifetimes and dynamics
・Solar cells efficiency
・Development of nanoscale optoelectronic devices

Product Specifications

Measurement Modes
・Optical microscope imaging
・Cathodoluminescence (CL) mapping
(polychromatic, monochromatic and hyperspectral)
・Secondary electrons (SE) mapping
・Time-resolved cathodoluminescence (time-resolved option)
・Simultaneous SE and CL imaging
Electron Gun
Schottky field emission gun (continuous system) or picosecond pulsed photoelectron gun (time-resolved option)
Acceleration voltage: 3-10 kV
Electron Optics
Electron optical column with electro-magnetic lenses, magnetic deflectors and astigmatism correctors. Optimized for continuous and pulsed operation.
Spatial Resolution
< 10 nm (3 - 10 kV)
Working Distance
3 mm
Probe Current
1 pA - 20 nA
Light Optics
Light microscope embedded within the electron optics
Fully achromatic reflective objective: 180 nm - 1.6μm
NA 0.71 (f/0.5)
Field of View
> 300μm (electronic and optical)
Optical Resolution
< 5μm
Light Collection Efficiency
30% of the photons emitted by a lambertian emitter exit the microscope (constant over the whole field of view)
Dispersive spectrometer with two imaging exits (320mm focal length) and a 3-grating turret (gratings to be specified by customer at time of order)
PMT(exit 1), CCD (exit 2),
UV-VIS streak camera (time-resolved option, resolution < 10 ps)
Vacuum System
Differential pumping system: ion getter pumps for electron gun and electron column. Turbo molecular pump for the specimen chamber. Specimen exchange time: 15 min.
Internal chamber dimentions
208 mm (diameter) x 300 mm (height)
Nanopositioning Stage
Specimen diameter: φ25 x 1.5 mm
6 degrees of freedom for arbitrary movements (compatible with cryostat option)
Travel Range
25 mm (X and Y), 3 mm (Z), 3°tilt (X and Y), 35°rotation (Z)
Smallest Increment
1 nm
100 nm (full travel range)
< 2 nm (100 nm range)
Cryostat (option)
Helium cold finger for low vibrations
Minimal temperature range: 20 - 300 K
Advanced digital temperature controller
CL system: 250 kg
Optical table: 650 kg
20±3℃, relative humidity below 70%RH

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