Sub-THz imaging cameras
Sub-THz imaging cameras

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Sub-THz imaging cameras Sub-THz imaging cameras


The detectors are fabricated from GaAs high-mobility heterostructure in the standard semiconductor cycle using conventional optical lithography. The imaging sensor is manufactured on a single wafer. That process ensures high homogeneity and reproducibility of the plasmonic detector parameters (pixel-to-pixel deviation responsivity is within 20-percent range). Each unit detector proved to have room-temperature responsivity up to 50 kV/W with read-out circuitry and noise equivalent power 1 nW/Hz^0.5 in the frequency range 10 GHz - 1 THz. The detection mechanism is based on transformation of incident THz radiation into two-dimensional electron system (2DES) plasma oscillation. Plasma wave is then rectified on the inhomogeneity of 2DES electron density in the defect region.


Sub-THz imaging cameras

Model Tera-256 Tera-1024 Tera-4096
Operates at frequencies 50GHz~0.7THz
Pixel size 256 pixel(16×16) 1024 pixel(32×32) 4096 pixel(64×64)
Pixel size 1.5mm×1.5mm(3.0mm×3.0mm available)
Responsivity 50kV/W(with preamplifier)
Noise Equivalent Power 1nW/Hz^0.5
Device size 100mm×100mm×55mm 200mm×200mm×100mm

Ultrafast sub-THz detectors

Spectral Range 50GHz~0.7THz
Response time 300ps
Responsivity 1V/W
Noise Equivalent Power 500pWW/Hz^0.5
Device size 23mm×16mm×13mm

IMPATT sub-THz generators

Frequency range 80~110GHz
Available minimum output power*1 10mW
Typical linewidth 1MHz
  • *1 High power available on request(>50mW)
    Modulation available on request(Rise time/Fall time is 1µs)

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