New refractive freeform lenses for Gauss-to-Top Hat transformation
Gauss- to-Top Hat beam shaper lenses

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These types of beam shapers have a free-form surface which redistributes a Gaussian beam profile (TEM00) into a square Top-Hat profile. The combination with cylindrical optics allows to generate also homogeneous line profiles.Topag offers three different models which deliver Top-Hats of different sizes and working distances. The achievebale Top-Hat sizes are for the GTH-3.6-1.75 and GTH-4-2.2 in the range of 30 µm up to 1 mm and for the GTH-5-250/4 in the range of 500 μm to few centimeters. Both models operate within a large wavelength range from VIS to NIR. For GTH beam shapers the focal length of the focusing optic determines the Top-Hat size in the focal plane.


Gauss-to-Top Hat beam shaping lens(GTH)

Model GTH-5-250/4 GTH-4.0-2.2 GTH-3.6-1.75
Input beam diameter(1/e2) 5.0 mm±0.15 mm 4.0 mm±0.15 mm 3.6 mm±0.15 mm
Working distance 250mm - -
Full fan angle - 2.2 mrad 1.75 mrad
Wavelength range 400 nm~1550 nm
AR coating(R<1%) VIS:400 nm~700 nm/IR:700 nm~1300 nm/1064 nm/532 nm
Damage threshold 3 J/cm2@532 nm、10 ns
Diameter 11.0 mm (mounted in ring holder、diameter 1 inch)
Thickness 4.0 mm±0.1 mm(mounted in ring holder、diameter 1 inch:6.6 mm)
Lens material LF5
Accessories adjustable x-y-θ holder

Fundamental Beam-mode Shaping(FBS)

Input beam diameter(1/e2) 2.0 mm、3.0 mm・・・、10 mm±5.0 % (others on request)
Working distance 1064 nm、532 nm、355 nm(others on request)
Wavelength(AR coating) >98%
Damage threshold 4 J/cm2@532 nm、10 ns
Diameter 25.4 mm±0.1 mm
Lens material Fused silica
Accessories adjustable x-y-θ holder
  • *Round form available

Diffractive Beam Splitters(DBS)

Dimensions 1-dimension:1×2/1×3/1×5/1×9(others on request)
Grating area 12 mm×12 mm2
Wavelength 1064 nm、800 nm、532 nm、355 nm(others on request)
Damage threshold 3 J/cm2@10 ns
Diameter 25.4 mm±0.1 mm
Lens material Fused silica
Accessories adjustable x-y-θ holder

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