Multi-point Cavity Ring-Down Gas Analyzer
Trace Level Gas Analyzer LaserTrace3 series

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Trace Level Gas Analyzer LaserTrace3 series Trace Level Gas Analyzer LaserTrace3 series


Based on Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS), TigerOptics LaserTrace3 series can measure the sub-ppb level of gas species with absolute accuracy, proven reliability, and fast response in one compact and easy-to-use device.


  • Quality control for laboratory analysis
  • Gas and chemical manufacturing
  • R&D of moisture analysis and moisture standard


  • NIST traceable
  • High sensitivity, high accuracy, high reliability, high speed of response
  • Compact, ease of operation, no periodic replacement/maintenance
  • Analyte: H2O, O2, CH4, CH2O etc.
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Flexibility: up to four measurement points per electronics module
  • Ethernet, isolated 4-20 mA and RS-232 connectivity

Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy(CRDS)

  1. 1.A Continuous Wave (CW) diode laser emits a directed beam of light energy through an ultra-high reflective mirror into the absorption cell (cavity).
  2. 2.The light reflects back and forth between two ultra-high reflective mirrors multiple times, up to a total path length of 100 kilometers.
  3. 3.Once the photodiode detector “sees” a preset level of light energy, the light source is shuttered or diverted from the cavity.
  4. 4.On each successive pass, a small amount of light or ring-down signal emits through the second mirror and is sensed by the light detector.
  5. 5.Once the light "rings down", the detector achieves a point of zero light energy in milliseconds, and the measurement is complete.

Fig 1. Ring-Down Cavity Cell


Fig 2. Ring-Down Time


Operating range See table below
Detection limit (LDL, 24 h peak-to-peak variation) See table below
Sensitivity (3σ) See table below
Precision (1σ, greater of) ± 0.75 % or 1/3 of Sensitivity
Accuracy (greater of) ± 3 % (LaserTrace2.5 LP is ± 4 %) or 1/2 of LDL
Speed of response See table below
Environmental conditions 10 ℃~40 ℃
30 %~80 % RH (non-condensing)
Storage temperature -10 ℃~50 ℃

Gas Handling System and Conditions

Wetted materials 316L stainless steel (Optional Hastelloy)
10 Ra surface finish
Gas connections 1/4” male VCR inlet and outlet
Inlet pressure 10~125 psig (1.7~9.6 bara)
30~125 psig (3.1~9.6 bara) for CH4
Flow rate 0.5~3.9 slpm (gas dependent)
Sample gases Most inert, toxic
passive and corrosive matrices
Gas temperature Up to 60 ℃

Dimensions and Weight

Electronics unit, H×W×D [in (mm)] 14×19×14 (356×483×356)
Standard sensor H×W×D [in (mm)] 7×4.75×27 (178×121×686)
O2 sensor (rackmount only) H×W×D [in (mm)] 8.75×19×27 (222×483×686)
Sensor rack (fits 4 standard sensors) [H×W×D [in (mm)] 8.75×19×27 (222×483×686)
Weight, Electronics unit Standard sensor O2 sensor 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
38 lbs (17.2 kg)
60.5 lbs (27.5 kg)


Alarm indicators User programmable setpoints (1 per sensor) Form C relays
Power requirements 90~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 200 Watts max.
Signal output Isolated 4−20 mA per sensor
User interfaces 10.4” LCD touchscreen
10/100 Base-T Ethernet, RS-232, Mouse, Keyboard, 2 USB ports

LaserTrace3 H2O

Analyte Range LDL Sensitivity Speed of response
H2O in CDA 0~5 ppm 250 ppt 200 ppt 3 min to 95 %
H2O in Ar 0~2 ppm 110 ppt 90 ppt
H2O in N2 0~5 ppm 250 ppt 200 ppt
H2O in H2 0~4 ppm 180 ppt 150 ppt
H2O in O2 0~2.5 ppm 130 ppt 100 ppt

LaserTrace3 O2

Analyte Range LDL Sensitivity Speed of response
O2 in Ar 0~1 ppm 55 ppt 45 ppt 3 min to 95 %
O2 in CO2 0~5 ppm 1000 ppt 200 ppt
O2 in N2 0~2.5 ppm 125 ppt 100 ppt
O2 in H2 0~2 ppm 90 ppt 75 ppt
O2 in He 0~0.5 ppm 50 ppt 25 ppt

LaserTrace3 CH4

Analyte Range LDL Sensitivity Speed of response
CH4 in CDA 0~7.5 ppm 0.95 ppb 0.75 ppb 1 min to 95 %
CH4 in Ar 0~7.5 ppm 0.9 ppb 0.75 ppb
CH4 in N2 0~8 ppm 1.0 ppb 0.8 ppb
CH4 in H2 0~8 ppm 1.0 ppb 0.8 ppb
CH4 in O2 0~5 ppm 0.7 ppb 0.5 ppb

Other LaserTrace series

Model Analyte Range LDL Sensitivity Speed of response
LaserTrace2.5 LP H2O H2O in NH3 0~20ppm 8ppb 6ppb <1 min to 95%
H2O in PH3 0~10ppm 8ppb 6ppb
LaserTrace2.5 LP CH2O CH2O in N2 0~180ppm 15ppb 12ppb <1 min for 500 ppb intrusion
CH2O in H2 0~200ppm 17ppb 13ppb

※Please contact us for additional analytes and matrices.


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