Real high quality micro processing for Biological sample/Transparent material/Thin film material
Femtosecond Laser Micro-nanomachining system

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Femtosecond Laser Micro-nanomachining system Femtosecond Laser Micro-nanomachining system

Femtosecond laser micro-nanomachining system is possible to offer micro-nanomachining for any material. In recent years, it is expected taht femtosecond laser processing is a new biomolecules knife which do not damage surrounding cells and tissue of biological samples(sensitive to thermal effects) as an application of photon craft technology.


Femtosecond laser Micro-nanomachining system

Products Solid state laser Fiber laser
Laser Wavelength*1 800 nm/1028 nm 1064 nm
Pulse energy*2 <3.5 mJ@1 kHz/800 nm
<1.0 mJ@1 kHz/1028 nm
<2 μJ@1MHz
Repetition rate*3 single shot~10 kHz@800 nm
single shot~1 MHz@1028 nm
signle shot~1 MHz
Pulse duration*4 <100 fs@800 nm
<300 fs@1028 nm
<300 fs
Spatial mode TEM00 M2<1.3
Optical unit*5 Auto-focus mechanism with confocal optical system:Scan range±2mm、resolution<1μm
Control of pulse energy and polarization
Positioning stage*6
Stepping motor stage
XY axis:±50 mm、resolution 2 μm、Maximum scan speed 16 mm/s
Z axis:0~20 mm、resolution 1 μm、Maximum scan speed 5 mm/s
Sample stage*7 Vacuum table(Stainless steel)
Microscope based body, Irradiation optical system, Observation optical system
Control unit Controller, Power supply, Software
Optical table with air spring*8 Optical table
(Steel honeycomb structure):
1500(W)×800(H)×1800(L) mm
Physical characteristics*9 Main unit(including laser, Optical unit, Irradiation unit and otpical table):1500(W)×1800(H)×1800(L) mm
Control unit:900(W)×1000(H)×570(L) mm (19 inch rack mount)
Operating conditions Main unit(including Optical unit, Irradiation unit and otpical table):AC100V/20A
Laser:AC100V/60A@800 nm、
AC100V/20A@1028 nm、
AC100V/3A@1064 nm

*1 Harmonic module option
Wavelength800 nm→Wavelength400nm/266nm
*2 High energy option
Up to 1.0mJ@1kHz
*3 High repetition rate option
Up to 10kHz@800nm
Up to 1MHz@1028nm
*4 Extend pulse duration option
Up to 10ps *5 Beam shaping and Polarization conversion option Top-hat beam, Multi-beam, etc
Circular, Radial and Azimuth polarization
*6 It is possible to select other stage.(linear motor, piezo motor stage, Galvo mirror, etc)
*7 It is possible to select porous ceramic vacuum table.
*8 It is possible to select rubber spring type and stone surface type.
*9 It will change physical characteristics depend on configuration
※If you have any question, it is possible to customize system.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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