The RoentDek MCP detectors with delay-line anode apply an electronic particle (or photon) counting technique. The electronic circuits register digitally the information on the position and on the arrival time for each individual particle.
Time and position sensitive Delay Line MCP Detectors

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RoentDek time and position sensitibe Delay Line Detectors are developmed for the imaging of particles and photons emitted in advanced research and technology applications.From RoentDek's initial product, a time and position sensitive detector for particles and X-rays, we developed an expanded product range which matches the needs of our customers. This includes: ・Time and Position sensitive Delay Line Detector (DLD) with microchannel plates (MCP) and photo-multiplier tubes for advanced research problems. ・Wide range of scientific applications, e.g. momentum spectrometry, single particle detection, single photon counting, wide field imaging, TCSPC ・Readout electronics for the highest count rates, e. g. Fast Amplifier, Time-to-Ditigal Converter (TDC), Constant Fraction Discriminator (CFD). ・Data acquisition and analysis software. ・Fast electronics modules for analog and digital signals. ・Multi-fragment imaging systems (COLTRIMS reaction.

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