high-performance Peltier-controlled cuvette holders for spectrometers and fiber optic systems.
Peltier-Controlled Cuvette Holders and Custom Instrumentation

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Quantum NORTHWEST supplies a complete selection of high-performance Peltier-controlled cuvette holders for spectrometers and fiber optic systems. The standard temperature range is from -40 to +110 degrees Celsius (with optional extended range, -55 to +150 degrees Celsius). Temperature is measured using a NIST-traceable thermometer, which the customer can control using a Quantum NORTHWEST temperature controller, or by personal computer using a USB or serial interface. The Quantum NORTHWEST qpod series of cuvette holders can be used with fiber optic multichannel spectrometers for absorbance and fluorescence measurements, and with a Raman probe as well. Other Quantum NORTHWEST models can be used with common spectrometer systems from industry leaders such as Agilent, Hitachi, Shimadzu, Horiba and others. Quantum NORTHWEST can accept special design requests and OEM supply as well, so please contact us if interested.


●Temperature range -40 to +110 degrees Celsius. (Optional extended range -55 to +150 degrees Celsius)

●Usable with common spectrometer systems. (Agilent, Hitachi, Shimadzu, etc.)

●Products for every application.
-t2 Sport: temperature-controlled cuvette holder for absorption.
-t2x2 Sport: dual temperature-control for sample and reference cuvettes for absorption.
-Versa 20: versatile temperature-controlled cuvette holder for absorption.
-qCHANGER 6: six-position temperature-controlled linear cuvette changer for absorption.
-qpod 2e: fiber optic sample compartment for absorbance, fluorescence and Raman.
-turret 4: four-position temperature-controlled turret cuvette changer.
-turret 6: six-position temperature-controlled turret cuvette changer.
-CD 250: cuvette holder to accommodate a variety of cuvette shapes for circular dichroism and other spectroscopies. -Luma 40: temperature-controlled cuvette holder for fluorescence.
-FLASH 300: temperature-controlled cuvette holder for laser spectroscopy.
-PAS 1010 : compete system and software for laser photoacoustics.

●Calibration with a NIST-traceable thermometer.

●Optional computer control using USB or Bluetooth.


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