Analyze the thickness of optical layers from 10 nm to ~250μm
Thin Film Reflectometry System, NanoCalc series

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The optical properties of thin films arise from reflection and interference. The NanoCalc Thin Film Reflectometry System allows you to analyze the thickness of optical layers from 1 nm to 250 μm.. You can observe a single thickness with a resolution of 0.1 nm. Depending on your software choice, you can analyze single-layer or multilayer films in less than few seconds and can measure the thickness and removal rates of semiconductor process films or anti-scratch coatings, hard coatings and anti-reflection coatings. The two most common ways to measure thin film characteristics are spectral reflectance/transmission and ellipsometry. NanoCalc utilizes the reflectance method and measures the amount of light reflected from a thin film over a range of wavelengths, with the incident light normal to the sample surface. NanoCalc Thin Film Reflectometry Systems are ideal for in situ, on-line thickness measurements and removal rate applications, and can be used to measure the thickness of oxides, SiNx, photoresist and other semiconductor process films. NanoCalc Systems measure anti-reflection coatings, anti-scratch coatings and rough layers on substrates such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper, ceramics and plastics.


Wavelength range: 400-850 nm 250-1050 nm 190-1100 nm 900-1700 nm
Thickness range: 50 nm - 20 μm 10 nm - 100 μm 1 nm - 100 μm 100 nm - 250 μm
Optical resolution: 0.1 nm
Repeatability: 0.3 nm 1.0 nm
Angle of incidence: 90°
Number of layers: Up to 10
Refractive index: Yes
Test materials: Transparent or semi-transparent thin film materials
Reference needed: Yes (bare substrate)
Measurement modes: Reflection and Transmission
Rough materials capable: Yes
Measurement speed: 100 ms to 1 s
On-line capable: Yes
Height adjustment: With COL-UV-6.35 (10-50 mm)
Spot size: 200 μm or 400 μm standard
100 μm available upon request
400 μm standard
200 μm available upon request
Microspot: Yes (with microscope)
CCD color: Yes (with microscope)
Mapping option: 150 mm (6") and 300 mm
(12") xy-scanning stages
Vacuum capable: Yes

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