High performance soft X-ray monochromators
Extreme Ultraviolet, Soft X-ray, XUV Spectrometers and Monochromators

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McPherson, Inc. manufactures Instruments and Systems for Spectroscopy and Spectrophotometry through the optical ectromagnetic spectrum. They design and build tools to measure frequency and intensity of light wavelengths / rays with good spectral resolution over a wide free range. McPherson instruments are used in physics research, physical chemistry and astronomy in applications through the X Ray, Vacuum, UV, Visible and Infrared (IR, including MWIR and LWIR) wavelengths. Vacuum and ultra high vacuum (UHV) models are available in most designs. Wavelength range is 1nm - 300nm, UHV type is available. System design including light source, sample chamber, detector, vacuum system, and data output system is available.

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