Interchangeable solid anodes, Emission follows anode valence band structure, Accelerated filament electron source, Does not require water cooling or flow of gas
Model 642 X-ray Source

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The Model 642 was originally developed for use in the radiometric calibration of grazing incidence spectrometers. The design features make it a useful source for many applications. A special feature of this source is that there are two equivalent output beams. These originate from two views of the single emitting spot where the electron beam from the single hairpin filament collides with the interchangeable anode. The spot is about 1mm diameter. All the testing of the source has been done with a 90 degree separation between beams. In this geometry outputs are equal to ±2% at Mg-K, O-K, C-K and B-K. Source output at these emissions reached 1011 photons sec-1 sterradian-1 at less than the maximum anode load (5 Watts.)

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