For making a high quality frozen tissue slide without any damage, distortion and dropout
CryoJane Tape Transfer System

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CryoJane Tape Transfer System CryoJane Tape Transfer System


The CryoJane Tape-Transfer System for Cryosectioning makes it easy to produce high-quality frozen sections of difficult tissues. The CryoJane uses adhesive coated slides and adhesive tapes to capture sections instead of using an anti-roll plate or brush. The CryoJane is adaptable to some Lieca cryostats.
The system achieves frozen sections of paraffin-quality as thin as 2 microns. The sections are wrinkle-free, uncompressed, fully intact and bonded to the microscope slide. A strip of tape is affixed to the trimmed tissue block and a section is then cut onto the tape. The tape with the section is placed on a pre-coated adhesive slide.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of tissue can I section with the CryoJane Tape-Transfer Process?

    All types of tissue can be sectioned easily using the CryoJane Process. It is especially useful for difficult-to-section material such as, fatty breast, fatty lymph node, skin margins and undecalcified bone. If the entire process is carried out, from snap-freezing to fixation the morphological detail will be preserved.
  • Can I use any slides with the CryoJane Tape-Transfer Systems?

    No. It is necessary to use a adhesive-coated special slides for CryoJane Tape Transfer system. The adhesive coating allows you to transfer the cut section on the tape to the slide, flat and intact . The adhesive coating is finally polymerized into a hard plastic and the section is anchored to the slide, preventing section loss even during the most rigorous protocols.
  • Is the CryoJane Tape Transfer Method easy to carry out?

    Yes. You can learn the CryoJane process in under 30 minutes! Fully intact, flat, thin, uncompressed sections are easily prepared with the CryoJane Process. A Tape-Window adhered to the blockface captures the section as it is being cut. This eliminates the need for an anti-roll plate or a brush! The still frozen section on the tape is transferred to an adhesive-coated slide. The coating is then polymerized in 8 milliseconds and the tape is removed leaving the still frozen section anchored to the slide.
  • Why is Snap-Freezing important?

    It is important to snap-freeze tissue for frozen sections to minimize ice-crystal artifact. Slow freezing produces large ice-crystals which can puncture the cell membranes and distort intracellular structure and will result in poor quality sections.
  • Why are CryoJane prepared frozen sections useful for Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)?

    Frozen sections prepared with the CyoJane Tape-Transfer process are thin, flat, uncompressed and fully intact. The morpphology is preserved making the capture of cells easy and accurate.

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