This new detector from Photonis is designed to provide either still images or video using both cold and thermal neutron imaging techniques for non-destructive testing and neutron tomography.
Neutron Imager NEUTRONIC [i]

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Neutron Imager NEUTRONIC [i] Neutron Imager NEUTRONIC [i]


Neutron imaging is a non-destructive method used to see inside objects that may be inpenetrable by X-ray or other techniques. Neutrons off er the benefi t of being able to see through heavy metals such as lead but can also be used to examine delicate processes.

The Neutronic [i] combines a 100x100 mm² neutron sensitive Microchannel Plate with a fast phosphor screen to maximize spatial resolution and sensitivity and to also provide a large fi eld of view. Additionally, the Neutronic [i] is paired with your choice of camera, including our own Nocturn CMOS camera, to bring to the surface what lies beneath, making this system ideal for all non-destructive testing applications.

Process neutron images faster with this new high-resolution detection system from Photonis.

Specification of Neutron Imager NEUTRONIC [i]

Imaging Resolution 50µm
Electron Gain @ 1000 Volts >1000
Dark Counts at Gain Voltage <0.1counts/second/cm2MAX
Vacuum Base Pressure <1E-6Torr

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