Long-Life™ Microchannel Plates exclusively from PHOTONIS provide sustained output up to fi ve times longer than other MCPs.
Microchannel Plates

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Microchannel Plates Microchannel Plates


LongLife™ Microchannel Plates, PHOTONIS Microchannel Plates (MCPs) are fabricated from our proprietary Long-Life™ glass formulation. As a result, our LongLife™ Microchannel Plates offer longer life, higher gain and lower dark current than any other commercially available MCP, and offer a sustained output of up to ten times greater than conventional MCPs. *****MountingPad™ Microchannel Plates. In 2009, PHOTONIS was awarded a patent for the unique manufacturing process of its new rimless MCPs. PHOTONIS’ MountingPad™ MCPs provide a rigid area to attach the MCP without damaging pores, yet provides a gap between the active channels and the mounting hardware. This gap allows gas to vent, eliminating plasma discharges which cause excessive noise. *****TruFlite™ MCPs Optimized for TOF Application. The TruFlite™ line optimizes surface flatness of the MCP and optimizes channel size and bias angle to improve the resolution over other MCPs on the market which are optimized for TOF applications. This special MCP uses the technology of the MountingPad™ and adds a process which controls flatness. A flatter landing area reduces the amount of jitter, an important factor in improving the resolution of TOF mass spectrometers.


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