Nanosecond Q-switched DPSS Nd:YAG Lasers
Nanosecond Q-switched DPSS Nd:YAG lasers NL230 series

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Nanosecond Q-switched DPSS Nd:YAG lasers Nanosecond Q-switched DPSS Nd:YAG lasers


The NL230 series diode-pumped nanosecond Q-switched lasers produce up to 50 mJ at 100 Hz or up to 140 mJ at 30 Hz pulse repetition rate. Diode pumping allows maintenance-free laser operation for an extended period of time (more than 3 years for an estimated eight working hours per day). The typical pump diode lifetime is more than 1 billion shots.


Nanosecond Hight repetition DPSS Laser

Model NL230 NL231 NL232
Pulse energy 1064 nm 50 mJ 100 mJ 140 mJ
532 nm*1 20 mJ 40 mJ 60 mJ
355 nm*2 12 mJ 25 mJ 35 mJ
266 nm*3 4 mJ 8 mJ 12 mJ
Pulse to pulse energy stability*4 1064 nm <1.5%(rms) <1.0%(rms)
532 nm <3.5%(rms) <2.5%(rms)
355 nm <5.0%(rms) <3.5%(rms)
266 nm <12%(rms) <10%(rms)
Pulse duration*5 7~9 ns 5~7 ns
Repetition rate 100 Hz 50 Hz 30 Hz
Linewidth <1 cm-1
Beam quality Hat-top
Beam diameter(Beam divergence)*6 4.0 mm(<1 mrad) 5.0 mm(<0.8 mrad)  5.0 mm(<0.6 mrad)
Polarization Linear
Laser head size 190(W)×165(H)×305(L) mm
Power supply size 365(W)×289(H)×392(L) mm
Voltage/Power Voltage:100~240 VAC Single phase:50/60 Hz Maximum Power:<1000 W
Ambient temperature/Relative humidity Temperature:18~30℃ Humidity:20~80%(Non-condensing)
  • *1.With H300SH and H300S harmonics generator module.
  • *2.With H300STH and H300ST harmonics generator modules.
  • *3.With H300SH and H400FHC harmonic generator modules.
  • *4.Averaged from 300 pulses at 1064nm.
  • *5.FWHM at 1064 nm
  • *6.Full angle measured at the 1/e2 level.
  • *Custom configurations are available on request.
  • *Please feel free to contact us by an email if you need more information.
  • *Harmonic generators selection guide can be found on the following page

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