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Cryogen-Free Measurements System

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Cryogen-Free Measurements System Cryogen-Free Measurements System

Fully automated measurement environment Temperature range
• 1.6 K to 400 K standard
• 300 mK option with 3He refrigerator
• 50 mK option with dilution refrigerator
• High Temperature Range: 700 / 1000 K
• milli-Kelvin stability across range Magnetic field
• Up to 9 T with mini CFMS
• Up to 18 T with high field CFMS
• Very low field option with precise control close to zero field Benefits of the Cryogen-Free Measurements System (CFMS) Shared facility – for all users
• Completely cryogen-free
• No special experience required
• Very long maintenance interval Very safe and convenient
• No liquid cryogen transfers
• No hazard from evaporating gases
• Full protection during power loss
• Fast sample exchange Modular architecture
• Compatible with all measurement modules
• Rapid interchange between modules Automated control
• Stable field and temperature performance
• Unattended operation
• Enables complex & long-duration experiments Through-life support
• Direct support from factory
• Remote system support via the internet
• International service team
• Free software updates

Standard CFMS

Magnetic field 10~18 Tesla
Central field homogeneity for VSM 0.1% over 3 cm×Ø 1 cm
cylinder at field centre
Persistent mode decay rate 10 ppm/hr (optional switch)
Outer vacuum can diameter 850 mm
Total height (inc. cryocooler and VTI) 1300 mm
Cooldown time 24 hours
System continuous operation 20,000 hours


Magnetic Field 3~9 Tesla
Central field homogeneity for VSM 0.1% over 1cm ×Ø 1cm cylinder at field centre
Persistent mode decay rate 10 ppm/hr (optional switch)
MiniCFMS dimensions 660 mm ×400 mm
Total Height (inc. cryocoolers and VTI) 900 mm
Cooldown Time < 12 hours
System Continuous operation 30,000

Cryogen Free Integrated Variable Temperature Insert

Sample Space 25 mm
Temperature range (witd continuous gas flow in VTI) 1.6 K to 400 K
witd optional inserts (not available for all measurements): up to 700 K witd heated sample platform Down to 0.3 K witd Helium-3 insert
Temperature control: (witd Lakeshore series unit) 5 mK @ 10 K
10 mK @100 K
50 mK @ 300 K
Typical sample cooldown time to 1.6 K 60 minutes
Temperature stabilisation time for a typical 10 K temperature step. Accuracy: Set time:
± 1 K 1 minute
± 0.1 K 10 minute
± 0.01 K 15 minute

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)

Range of tde z-axis translation stage 100 mm
Vibration amplitude Typically 2 mm
Vibration frequency Typically 20 Hz
Maximum sample size 10 mm
Optimum sample size 5 mm or smaller
Maximum sample size 10 mm
Optimum sample size 5 mm or smaller
Noise base (10 sec averaging) 1 ×10-6 emu
Dynamic range (standard) 108
Accuracy and reproducibility 0.50%
Noise level 2 ×10-6 emu/√Hz +B ×5 ×10-7 emu / T /√Hz

AC Susceptibility

Maximum AC field 20 gauss at 100 Hz
Sensitivity at 1KHz 10-7 emu at 4 K
Useful range of frequency 1 Hz to 20 KHz
Maximum sample size 5 mm diameter

Resistivity and Hall Effect

Maximum sample size 5×10 mm
Supply current range v (witd 2400) 1 nA to 1 A
Resistance measurement range (DC) 100 nΩ to 1 GΩ
Voltage sensitivity (witd 2182) 10 nV to 100 V
Accuracy of resistance measurement < 0.1% 1-106 ohm

AC Resistance/Hall Effect

Frequency range 1 mHz~100 kHz
Current source range 2 pA~100 mA
Voltage measurement range 10 nV~1 V

Specific Heat

Temperature range 3~300 K
Temperature resolution 0.1 K at 50 K
Frequency of temperature modulation 0.1~100 Hz typical 0.01~0.1 K
Amplitude of temperature modulation 0.01~0.1 K
Sensitivity 1 nJ/K
Typical sample dimensions 100×200 microns
Typical sample mass 1~10 microgram

Thermal Transport

Temperature range 2~350 K
Range of tdermal conductance measurement 1 μW/K~1W/K at 300 K
0.1 μW/K~10 mW/K at 10K
Absolute accuracy Better than 5%
Range of tdermal EMF measurement Absolute accuracy 1 μV/K to 1 V/K
Better than 5%
Typical sample size 1×1×10 mm

700K Furnace

Standard temperature range 200~700 K
Sample size 5 mm

1000K Furnace

Required VTI Size 30 mm
Standard temperature range 300 K~1000 K
Sample size 5 mm

Ultra Low Field

Supply current range ± 500mA
Range ± 50mT
Accuracy 10-4
Step size 1 μT

Helium-3 Insert

Base temperature <300 mK
Working temperature range <300 mK~325 K
Outer diameter 22 mm (to suit 25 mm VTI)
3He capacity Total 3He gas volume 1.5 STP litres Working volume in normal use approx 1.0 STP litres
Initial Cooldown time 2 hours from room temperature sample change to 3He condensation temperature under standard cryogen-free VTI operating conditions
Recondensation time 25 minutes to condense 90% of 3He charge and cool pot to below 2 K
Performance 24 hours at 285 mK witd zero load
12 hours at 340 mK witd 25μW load
3 hours at 550 mK witd 185μW load

Dilution Refrigerator

Base temperature 50 mK
Cooldown time from room temperature to 50 mK 8 hours
Sample space 12 mm diameter
Compatible witd standard 6 pin resistivity plug-ins

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