IR Sepctrometer
IR Sepctrometer

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The ASP-IR boasts a scanning mechanism that allows measurements in IR range withount using an expensive CCD array. This makes the spectrometer very attractive in terms of price in the market of IR spectrometers. The ASP-IR has impressive characteristics that provide precise laser emission analysis along the whole registered range with resolution 0.35 nm. The ASP-IRF has a special fiber input, allowing measurement of either free-space or fiber signals without any realignment. Wavelength range up to 3500 nm is also available upon custom requests.


IR Spectrometer

Spectral range*1 800~1680 nm 500~1700 nm 1200~2600 nm
Grating 600 G/mm 400 G/mm
Scanning speed <350 nm/s <500 nm/s
Spectral resolution 0.35 nm 0.6 nm 0.35 nm 0.6 nm 0.6 nm 0.8 nm
Input slit 15 µm
Output slit 20 µm
Relative aperture F/13
Focal length 150 mm
Source pulse repetition rate*2 >30 kHz Pulse mode:Single shot~30 kHz
CW mode:6 kHz~CW
Sensitivity threshold >90 nW >2 nW(>0.3 pJ) >90 nW(>5 pJ)
ADC 12bit 16bit
Fiber input*3 FC, with 400 um WF fiber cable (1 m)
Dimensions(mm) 136(W)×81(H)×225(L)
Weight 2.5 kg
  • *1.The ASP-IRHSF model with fiber input has spectral range of 1200-2200 nm
  • *2.The pulsed regime have to use external trigger single
  • *3.Modes ASP-IRF/IRSF and ASP-IRHSF are fiber input type.

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