Ytterbium-doped Femtosecond Fiber Laser
Ytterbium-doped Femtosecond Fiber Laser

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The YFOA femtosecond fiber laser is designed for stable generation of an ultra-short laser pulse train. The device contains Yb-doped active fiber, pump diodes, polarization control and dispersion control elements, electronic power supply and control system. The laser also has an SMA sync output for triggering external devices, as well as another SMA for pulsed mode status. The YFOA has proved its reliability as a seed oscillator for amplifier systems (such as the TETA system) as well as a stand-alone pulse generator


Ytterbium-doped Femtosecond Fiber Laser

Model YFOA-100 YFOA-200 YFOA-2000
Available wavelengths 1030 nm/1040 nm/1053 nm/1064 nm(fixed)
Average output power >100 mW >200 mW >2000 mW
Peak power >8.5 kW >17 kW >170 kW
Repetition rate 60±5 MHz
Pulse duration <200fs <300 fs
Beam quality TEM00
Output type Free-space
Polarization Horizontal
Laser head size(mm) 200(W)×70(H)×200(L) 200(W)×100(H)×200(L) 200(W)×100(H)×300(L)
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