Ti:Sapphire Femtosecond Laser Kit
Ti:Sapphire Femtosecond Laser Kit

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The TiF laser system o ers the highest average power and the broadest tuning range in the TiF laser family. The unit is a exible tool suitable for numerous applications and can really be a workhorse for many di erent projects going on simultaneously. The system can be supplied in two basic con gurations: the TiF, being a stand-alone version for pumping with an external pump laser; or the TiF system which may be integrated with an industry-standard pump laser on site or at our factory. However, the dimensions of the Ti:S laser head are the same for either version, the stand-alone version may later be tted with an integrated pump laser at minimum additional cost. The acceptable pump laser power for the TiF is up to 10 Watts. See tuning curves in the datasheet for output power vs. wavelength dependence. The system can also be equipped with an optional birefringent filter and optional etalons providing narrowband tunable CW regime over the whole tuning range. An external prism pair or a tunable pulse compressor (model APC) for dispersion pre-compensation is also available.


Ti:Sapphire Femtosecond laser kits

Model TiF-Kit-15 TiF-Kit-50 TiF-Kit-100
Tuning range 780~840 nm 740~950 nm 715~980 nm
Output power 200~500 mW 100 mW~1 W 100 mW~1.5 W
Max. pump power 3~6 W 2~10 W
Repetition rate 70~95 MHz(fixed)
Pulse duration <15~30 fs <50 fs <100 fs
Beam quality TEM00
Polarization Horizontal
  • *Custom configurations are available on request. Please feel free to contact us by an email if you need more information.

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