Ideal for measuring diffuse reflectance of sample from 360 to 2500nm
The VIS-NIR  Spectrophotometer "ArcSpectro VIS-NIR-DR"

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ArcSpectro VIS-NIR-DR ArcSpectro VIS-NIR-DR
The ARCSpectro VIS-NIR combines a standard multichannel grating spectromter that covers the visible spectral range (360nm-950nm) and a scanning Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTIR-Rocket) with an extended InGaAS detector which is sensitive in the NIR range from 900 to 2600 nm. Both Spectrometers are connected to a 5 cm integration sphere. The sample is illuminated with perfectly diffuse light thanks to the integration sphere including a   high power halogen lamp.
The ARCSpectro VIS-NIR permits to obtain total reflection specifications over the complete solar spectral range. Knowing that has half of the solar radiation energy is situated in the NIR range, it is important for many applications (paints, plastics and cosmetics) to cover the complete emission range of the Sun (on earth) from 360 to 2500nm.

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