Radially and azimuthally polarized beams generated by Liquid Crystal elements
Radial-Azimuthal Polarization Converter

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The Radial Polarization converter from Arcopix is a worldwide unique device that converts a conventional linearly polarized beam into a beam that has a CONTINUOUS radial or azimuthal polarization distribution and stable in time. As illustrated in the figure below the orientation of the polarization vector varies spatially but locally the polarization sate is considered as linear. Thanks to special alignment of the liquid crystal molecules, the polarization converter rotates locally the orientation of the linearly polarized beam. Depending of the orientation of the device in respect to the entrance polarization we may obtain either azimuthally or a radially polarization distribution as described in the figure above. The polarization rotator can be delivered with adequate polarizers and housing. The specially designed housing permits to align our polarization converter precisely with the rest of your optical system.

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