Andor's high energy camera solutions cover a broad wavelength range, spanning VUV,EUV, X-Ray and gamma regions.
High energy detection cameras

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Andor’s SO series features high-QE sensors for direct detection of soft X-ray, EUV or VUV photons. A convenient 16-point, knife-edge sealed 6” rotatable CF152 flange provides a robust and highly-effective seal to any compatible vacuum chamber interface. SX series features the highest QE sensor for direct detection of soft X-ray, EUV or VUV photon ranges. The vacuum compatible system is ideal for use inside vacuum chambers. SY series features a high-QE sensors for direct detection of soft X-ray photons. A convenient Berylium foil window blocks visible wavelengths with minimal ‘Beam Hardening’ of X-ray energies. iKon-L HF is built for scientific imaging! The outstanding design brings together the key elements in a single optimized format; the highest QE (95%) Back-illuminated sensor, a single directly bonded FOP and a unique spring-loaded “Soft Dock” mount. This design delivers the highest transmission and spatial resolution optical performance combined with the ultra-low noise performance of the outstanding iKon-L platform.

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